Saturday, December 4, 2010

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First of all, we are overwhelmed by the selfless love, amazing generosity and heartfelt support we have received since beginning our journey - Saving Shea. It has only been 2 days and we have already reached 1% of our exponential goal of 25,000 for Shea's adoption grant. The outpouring of messages and offers to help have lifted our spirits and strengthened our efforts even more.
Thank you all.
For every note, every shared link, every donation - they all mean so, so much. Don't stop - keep sharing Shea's story - keep raising awareness! I had no idea the kinds of feelings this would stir in the hearts of our friends, families, and total strangers! People who I have never spoken to or knew by name or shared circumstance only are right up there with my best and closest friends - donating money to a little boy they didn't know a week ago...a day ago. People are talking about Shea! Families are talking about adoption! Adoption of children just like Shea with special needs! Amazing! What beautiful hearts. God has let me know we are not alone. And that is a wonderful, humbling, awe-inspiring feeling. That there are others who are eager to help, hurting for Shea, and passionate about making a difference. It is magnificent. We need you so much. Please stay with us! You are making a difference. And we are so, so thankful for you.

One of these amazing people I am speaking of is the wonderfully talented Kari - unique designer, inspiring mother, and true friend. Kari is a fellow SB mommy who, when she learned of our effort to help Shea, immediatly contacted me with an idea - a way to help. And here it is.
These bracelets were designed by Kari especially for Shea and are for sale on her website
They are one-of-a-kind and in my opinion - a perfect gift for this holiday season.
Each bracelet is $10.
$5 from each bracelet she sells will go to Shea's Adoption Grant.
They cost $5 to make.
You do the math. ;)
Okay - I hate math too. I'll give you a hint.
That's 100% of the proceeds!
She is not making any money doing this - she is donating her time and effort to help Shea.
It warms my heart and soul to know her.
So check it out! Visit UrbanUpcycling and buy your bracelets today!

I have added this information as well to our Shop and Support tab at the top of the page. Another fundraiser my family is working on is coming together soon and will be added shortly - so check back! If you have an idea or a product that you would like to donate a portion of the proceeds to Shea's Adoption Grant - please contact me and I will add you!

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  1. The link to her website doesn't seem to be working, is it something that needs to be fixed or is it just me?



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