Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lucky Numbers

I've never had a lucky number.
My husband's is #9 - his soccer number since he was 3 years old. Oddly enough it is also my Dad's favorite number - it was his jersey number in football (the american kind). ;)
But I've never had a lucky number.
My sister-in-law loves the number 4 (and the color yellow) and if you know her and don't know this... she will be deeply disappointed in you. ;) My mom loves the number 3 - 3 of anything makes her think of her 3 kids. If you see a card with 3 kittens on it - you can't go wrong - get if for her - she thinks it's us. It could be 3 weasels for all she cares - it represents her 3 little weasel-kids. It's special. It means something.
But I've never had a lucky number.
Lots of people have lucky numbers. Numbers they will bet on, kiss the dice and hope for, take it as a sign if they see them. According to the Bible, 7 is the perfect number (so maybe the Von Trapp family had the right idea...nah...I'm absolutely certain I couldn't handle that.) But people like numbers. They have value - both absolute and sentimental.
Numbers mean something.
Numbers are worth something.

I've never had a lucky number.
But I respect numbers. I pay attention to numbers. I value numbers.
Allow me to share with you some numbers that are very important, very meaningful, and very significant...to me.

100 - the number of days since I first saw his sweet face. I can't believe it's been 100 days.

9 - the reference number for Shea's orphanage in Eastern Europe.

350,000 - the average number of babies born with
Spina Bifida worldwide each year.
Shea is one of them. My Jet is another.

4 - the age of most children (with special needs) in Eastern Europe when they are moved from the orphanage to an institution. That is the age Shea is now.

25,000 - the average cost of an international adoption from EE.

91 - the number of contributors who've donated to Shea's adoption grant through the Chipin on this blog!

76 - the number of days since Shea's forever family announced their plans to adopt him.

7,000 - the last bits of money needed to complete their adoption.

3 - the number of places you can go online to donate
1) Right here through the Chipin on the right side of this blog -->
2) The Chipin on the family blog.
3) Shea's FSP on Reece's Rainbow (an international adoption program for children with special needs)

Invaluable - the difference even $1 can make in the life of this child...and his waiting family.

The numbers are right there in front of you.
You may think "This is only 1 child out of so many who need help."
And that's the point - here is 1 child who you can help now.
You may think "I am only 1 person, how can I possibly make a difference?"
But you can!
Because, my friends, that's the beautiful thing about numbers...when you keep adding them together...there's no limit the value you can attain.
So if you have a minute (and let's be honest - we all have 1 minute.)
And if you have just $1 (honesty time again - if you're on a computer something tells me you have $1)
Then take that minute, and that dollar, and put them together to make a difference.
Donate in the name of a friend or family member.
Give in honor someone who needs a smile - who could help but smile knowing they'd helped this sweet little boy.
Together - we can reach that 100% goal!
And 100% - just might become my new lucky number.


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